2nd photo taken by Sibila Savage.

5 channel video installation and die-cut pamphlet for the 46th Annual UC Berkeley MFA exhibition at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

The pamphlet has since become part of Nina Elder's Solastalgic Archive, as part of the Deep Time Lab at the University of New Mexico Art Gallery.

[Coordinates for viewing from one's own location can be calculated with JPL's HORIZONS online ephemeris by entering one's own location, the date of the Feb 29 / Mar 1, 1504, eclipse and a "step size" of ~1hr.]

Video selections from the installation:

A limn of the narration in Pt III:


Here you are.
This is your position line, your bearing.
This is your latitude - 37 hours, 52 minutes, 15.1 seconds.

This is a non-linear adjacency, the line from now to then.
It is your horizon, the limits of your sight - a transit, an arc describing distance. Maybe time.
There is a line that radiates from you into space, your zenith.

See the city. See the city from your zenith.
I see it as if it were yesterday, but it's gone.
This is looking west. This is the past.

This is the illusion of an island. This is new land.


Here is the Admiral.
Here is his ephemeris, his eclipse.
Here is the sun, bisected - the upper limb, and the lower limb.

Here is the conch, the body of an animal.
The shell is my body, the shell is my home.
Here is your body, your life bisected by diagnosis.

This is the illusion of an island. This is a new world.

(The full script.)