Fusion of Art & Science: Along the Track of the Yellowstone Hotspot
102 Pages, 10 × 8 in
With an introductory essay by Jeremiah Barber

In 2012, I was asked to edit a book documenting the field component of a 2010 Stanford course, in which I had been enrolled, focused on the Yellowstone geological hotspot. The course was unique in that our professors - biologist Liz Hadly, geologist Robyn Dunbar and artist Gail Wight combined teaching of both art and science.

The course culminated in a two week roadtrip across the western U.S. to Yellowstone National Park. Along the way, students took photographs of our life on the road, ancient rock formations and roadside Americana. We camped and spent all but two days in the wilderness, found fossils in the Black Rock Desert and staged a spontaneous sound performance in an abandoned grain silo in Idaho.

The book is a record of the ideas discussed during the course and the artwork produced by the participants.