I live and work in the SF Bay Area. When I'm not working on my personal projects, I help out with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and 100 Days Action.

In 2016, I graduated from the MFA program at UC Berkeley. Before that, I worked as a staff photographer and then photo desk editor at the Daily during my time as an undergrad at Stanford. I'd love to do more local community reporting and shooting (get in touch!).

Occasionally, I am a freeform radio DJ.

I've shown some photographs andat Southern Exposure, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, BAMPFA, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Cantor Arts Center, Kala Art Institute, Artist Television Access, Embark Gallery and Berkeley Art Center.

Email: jin@killeryellow.com   //   CV (PDF)

And since many have asked:

The yellow killer disrupts the colour vision of anyone who sets eyes on it; and it disrupts all other brain processes as well, thereby causing instant death. Its special shade of yellow - killer yellow - is fatal regardless of what the coloured thing may be. This colour does not typically cause colour experience. It never does, and never could so long as we retain our vulnerability to it.

- David Lewis, in Naming the Colours, referring to Saul Kripke's original concept of "killer yellow." You can also read about the concept of "killer yellow" in the context of the philosophical history of vagueness.