manipulating images or manipulating your head?

5 Nov

Remember the Ralph Lauren ad with the scarecrow-like model (who may have actually been fired for being “overweight”)? Well, there’s more where that came from:

And in another insane development, can you believe that designer Chrisitan Louboutin thinks Barbie’s ankles are fat? What?! I thought everyone had pretty much acknowledged that Barbie’s body is an inhuman idealization, but apparently not even Barbie can escape criticism. Who are these people? Out of touch doesn’t even come close. They should really just make some robots/real dolls as models. God knows it’s not like they need any animating human expressions of joy or anything in their ads anyway.

Then of course, there was Glamour’s use of a plus size model in its back pages. Indicative of how messed up the industry is when a normal looking woman is seen by readers as refreshing and shocking.

On a brighter note though, apparently German lifestyle mag Brigette is banning professional models and using real women from now on. Good to see there’s some backlash against all this, even if it’s only in Europe so far.

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