mcnugget redux

17 Apr

Googling to find other McNugget art, I found the Chicken McNugget Theorem:

The Chicken McNugget Theorem states that for any two relatively prime positive integers m,n, the greatest integer that cannot be written in the form am + bn for nonnegative integers a, b is mn-m-n.

…The story goes that the Chicken McNugget Theorem got its name because in McDonalds, people bought Chicken McNuggets in 9 and 20 piece packages. Somebody wondered what the largest amount you could never buy was, assuming that you did not eat or take away any McNuggets. They found the answer to be 151 McNuggets, thus creating the Chicken McNugget Theorem.

A proof follows.

The world is full of wonderful things.

Michael Bartalos

15 Apr

Michael Bartalos

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singles: Michelle Lee Wallace

13 Apr

Michelle Lee Wallace

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Paul Salveson

10 Apr

Paul Salveson


8 Apr


Bill Dane III (or IV)

6 Apr

Bill Dane

Once in a while, it’s time for Bill again.


3 Apr

If you’ve got 18 minutes:

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so sorry

1 Apr



“taser taser taser!”

30 Mar

I found this in Heather Murphy‘s browsing history. So ripe for appropriation.

This is why you should always take the chance to rifle through a stranger’s browsing history.

State archives

27 Mar

Inmate photograph album, San Quentin Inmate Numbers: 18998–19003

Found this in the Records of the California Department of Corrections, San Quentin State Prison, which is part of the California State Photograph Collections. Most of it does not seem to be online.

There seem to be quite a list of other state archives, too.